Published: 3 weeks ago

Just because my life is bleak and meaningless, it doesn’t mean I cannot make other’s just a tiny bit better. I hope they don’t audit my expenses and ask why I have been having multiple mains for dinner.

Published: 1 month ago

Waiting for the Flight pt. 2

So this is how it feels like to be alone. I have always known that I am an introvert. But being one does not mean a universal hate of human beings. What it means instead is an unwillingness to step out of one’s social …

Published: 1 month ago


        Exactly how i feel.

Published: 6 months ago


Kinda glad I decided to create a new site today using purely bootstrap + HTML instead of resorting to awkward WP themes. Four hours for a one page site – not overly time consuming. But looking at the trello board, there’s still much to …

Published: 2 years ago

Waiting for the Flight

Am writing this now in Heathrow’s departures terminal while waiting for my flight. It seems too uncanny a coincidence that every time I am leaving I end up writing. Maybe it’s just because waiting for flights translates into free time, or maybe it’s a …

Published: 2 years ago


I never had any severe bouts of homesickness or anything, and it’s not to say that this time is any different. But going home after being ten days abroad and then leaving again after leaving after 1.5 days is a pretty unamusing experience. Feels …

Published: 2 years ago

Nighttime Muse

It’s really late here and frankly I should be sleeping. Being forced to give a presentation to my scholarship board about how I have grown in the past two years has been spiritually and emotionally exhausting. Looking back roughly 23 months, I cannot but …

Published: 2 years ago


To be honest i did not know that jay chou’s movie was already in theaters.   And my neighbour asked me to do some editing. So here we are. Even the lead actress’ name got changed, as per request. Haha.  

Published: 2 years ago

From the Depths

Got rid of the old theme. Well responsive sliders and lightbox features are (were) cool, but the fundamental purpose of a blog is to provide a good reading experience, and with regard to that, the previous theme failed horribly. It’s my last eight days …

Published: 3 years ago


As much as I realize that I should apologize for the lack of posts, I think I should refrain from doing so as a relapse into these long periods of hibernation is guaranteed. It is amazing how certain events have the power to make one …